Share a customized workflow in ICM


Finding a piece of information quickly in the huge data grid in ICM can be challenging. Especially if you are new to ICM.

  • Setup customized grid view with full editing support for SWMM5 runoff method
  • Setup customized SWMM5 style hydrology results summary

Customized workflow

Setting up SWMM5 runoff method in ICM can be quite complicated for new users. So we simplified the workflow using SQL queries. You can download the model from Github.

  1. Open the network
  2. Drag step 100 to the GeoPlan
  1. Drag the results into GeoPlan
  2. Drag the 400 query into GeoPlan
  3. Review the results, it is the same as the SWMM5 subcatchments report


With ICM SQL queries, you can build customize modeling building workflows which can greatly simplify the steps involved setting up SWMM5 hydrology in ICM.



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