InfoWorks ICM GeoPlan Tips

  • There is no layer tree where you can access all the layer options. You need to go to the GeoPlan Properties and Themes for these changes. With the Thematic map window, you can quickly turn layers on/off.
  • Modeled objects and GIS layers are handled differently.

Modeled Objects

To access the model objects layers,

  1. open a network
  2. right click in the map
  3. click “Properties & Themes…”

GIS Layers

GIS layers are managed through the “GIS Layer control…”

Other tips

Showing the Z values, 2D simulation results at the bottom of the window when you move your mouse around

Showing radar rainfall cell boundary

It is not that easy to see where the radar rainfall cells are when it is not raining.

Show details of 2D mesh

Sometimes you might be interested in a particular type of 2D elements. You can change the settings.



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