How to Use XPVIEWER (with Example Model)

  • A license holder of xpswmm purchases the xpviewer Encryptor add-on module for their license.
  • The modeller creates and runs their model to their satisfaction.
  • The modeller then saves an encrypted model and sends the files to the interested parties, along with xpviewer Reader.
  • The receiving party installs the xpviewer Reader. They can then view the model files sent to them and look at the model as if they had their own license
  • Open XPSWMM Viewer and browse to the location where the Urban_Multi_Houses_Network_v15.xp file is save and open.
  • Once the model is loaded note how the analyze & save buttons are grayed out. The XPViewer application allows you to view input and output data but not re-analyze. The output data was saved and made available once encrypted.




Empowering Water Experts

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Mel Meng

Mel Meng

Empowering Water Experts

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