How to speed up the display of large TIN file in XPSWMM?

Source: Innovyze Support Portal

When building large 2D models, loading a high resolution TIN covering the whole modeling area can take a long time, and once it is loaded, every time the view is moved or zoomed in or out, it could also take some time to refresh.

In this article we’ll explore a few options to speed up the display of large TIN files. The basic idea is to use the high resolution grid file for simulation but using a lower resolution or options with faster rendering for display.

  • Use the reference grid
  • Re-sample the TIN to a coarser resolution

Use the source grid file in simulation

Reference Grid

The main benefits of a referenced grid is that you can skip the TIN building process. By drawing a polygon in the area of interest, it only renders the TIN for a much smaller area. The main limitation is that you cannot get the Z value simply by pointing your mouse at the location, and the value has to be estimated using contour lines of the color symbiology.

Then you draw the area to be displayed

Then you can change how it looks,

Re-sample TIN

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