How to speed up an ICM 2D simulation

  • Make sure the model is using all the CPUs and GPUs
  • Make sure the time step is appropriate
  • Identify speed bumps in the model

Check the Simulation Log

  1. when running the model
  2. in general you should use the “Let agent set limits” to decide how many CPUs to be used for the simulation.

Check the run time

  • timestep and failed link and nodes can reveal model elements that is struggling to converge, a good place to start investigation, the time step might need to be tweaked to match the number showing
  • Min. 2D timestep: if the value is below 0.1 sec, a sign the 2D model is not optimized.

Optimize 1D

Optimize 2D mesh

  • calculation is only carried out for wet elements, therefore, rain on the mesh will greatly increase run time.
  • infiltration and other hydrology calculations on the mesh will increase run time
  • complicated triangulation will create small and odd shaped triangles which can slow down the calculation
  • tricky 1d/2d interfacing can lead to more computations
  • conduit 2D with small diameters (< 3ft) can lead to small elements
  • simplify and reduce number of vertex of geometries added to the 2D mesh (polygons, river banklines, etc.)
  • using terrain sensitive meshing, mesh zones, etc. to fine tuning the details only in areas needed




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Empowering Water Experts

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