How to setup inundation map in InfoWorks ICM

Flood theme vs 2D Zone theme

  • flooding theme: a GIS based approach. A water level surface is generated from 1D and 2D simulation results, and then it is compared to the ground model to calculate the water depth. The rendering is NOT based on the simulated results as it, rather it is calculated from the results. For 1D river system, flooding theme is the only way to render the flooding extent within ICM.
  • 2d zone theme: 2D results are the direct simulated values of velocity and depth for each 2D element. No ground model information is used.

Flood theme

  1. drag ground model into the results geoplan
  1. go to the model group where the theme will be saved
  2. give it a name

2D Zone Theme

  • 1D elements
  • 2D polygon and lines
  • 2D simulation results
  • 2D element lines

Custom Results




Empowering Water Experts

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Mel Meng

Mel Meng

Empowering Water Experts

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