How to model a pump station?

  • It collects the water in a sump or a wet well
  • When the water is high enough it starts to pump
  • when the water level is low enough it stops pump
  • we’ll store enough water in the well so that we can keep the pump working longer without interruption.
  • We can operate the pump at an optimal range by controlling the on/off levels


Let’s review how a mechanical propeller pump works. A typical pump station is shown below, to conserve energy, the head the pump added to the flow (hp), should balance out the friction losses through the pipes and elevation difference (z2-z1), plus the velocity difference for the kinetic energy changes.

Modeling a pump station

I hope now you have some idea what the pump station should behave in a model. For most of the pump stations, it should behave very similar to a sump pump. The pump should be off most of the time, once the wet well is full, it will pump continuously for a while at an almost constant flow rate until the wet well is empty.



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