How to import multi-link from a table into XPSWMM

What is Multi-link

Multi-link is XPSWMM specific feature no other software offers. Multi-link is used for two situations,

  • parallel pipes between two nodes, a common one is dual drainage, a pipe and the street section that both convey storm water
  • pumps, weir, orifice and other diversion structures

Import/Export External Databases

To import/export multi-link data with external data, use the tool below.

  • Link Name is the multi-link name
  • Channel/Conduit is the name of the individual pipe/channel


Figuring out the field mapping can be tricky, it will take some trial and error. Therefore, it is highly recommended started with a very simple model and a sample table with just a handful rows to test the mapping before working with the full dataset.



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