How to get system statistics out of XPSWMM Model

Interpolation vs Computed

It is important to understand the the differences between the computed and interpolated values.

The implication is system statistics can only be accurately calculated by the engine.

For example, the peak value is calculated by updating the max value at every time step. You can calculated the peak flow from the reported time series, however, you might miss the true peak if it happened between the two reporting timestamps.

System Statistics

The best place to find system statistics is the 1D log.

System Statistics XPTables

First open the XP Table tab,

  1. edit the variable of the table
  2. find the inflow/outflow volume folder
  3. drag the folder to the box on the right side

Use the default template

Most of the system statistics and summaries are built into the default template. Using one of these templates probably will be easier than rolling out your own.

Import only the XPTables into an existing model

If you are already in the middle of a project, you can merge the XPTables from another model.



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