How to extract results from XPSWMM 2D model?

  1. select the layer
  2. select the tool
  3. draw the point/line on the map
  • xx_PO.csv: time series
  • xx_POMM.csv: max/min values
  • xx: the model name

Report for Polygon

If you need to get time series of a polygon, the XPSWMM user interface doesn’t support it yet. And you’ll need to use a Tuflow command to get it done.

  • add a line in the control file read the polygon from an GIS file
  • Read GIS PO == C:\temp\polygon.shp
  • draw the polygon
  • create 3 columns
  • Type: Qin_Qout_Vol means to report flow in/out and the total volume within the polygon
  • Label: the name of the time series for this polygon
  • Comment: any comment



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