How to download archived NEXRAD rainfall data into ICM

Locate the station

ICM supports the DPR product (Instantaneous Precipitation Rate), the first thing is to find the nearest station with that data. Use the map below, we can see all the NEXRAD stations.

  1. search the location of interest
  2. check only Level III
  3. click on the wrench icon
  4. enable the identify tool

Order the data

To download the data for station KOKX, go to the NEXRAD data inventory page below.

Download the data

It is recommended to use a FTP client for downloading the data due to its large size and number of files. You can install WinSCP, an open source free FTP client for this task.

  1. paste the url into the host name box
  2. check the “Anonymous login”
  3. click Login

Extracting DPR files

We only need the DPR files for the NEXRAD rainfall data, we will use the 7zip in command line to extract files by matching a pattern. 7zip is an open source and free file archiver tool.

Setup the TSDB

Next we will load all the DPR files into a TSDB.

Review the Radar Data

Click on the graph button will show a sample time series of the rainfall.

  1. open the network in GeoPlan
  2. set the coordinate system
  1. graph the data
  2. zoom in one event
  3. go to that date
  4. use cursor to move up from the row of the start of the storm, you’ll see an animation in the GeoPlan



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