How to do a capacity analysis in InfoWorks ICM? — Part 2

  • How to track changes when sizing the model?
  • How to show the changes of the results in a profile?
  • How to map the changes of the results?

How to track changes?

  • use scenarios to create different copies of the solution
  • use user text to record the original values
  • user data flags to highlight the values that changed
  1. open the link window
  2. copy the width column
  3. paste to the user number 1 field

How to show the changes?

  1. drag the results to the GeoPlan
  2. make sure the scenario is “alt1”
  3. drag selection list to the GeoPlan
  4. open the long section window

How to compare the results?

  1. open the alt1 results in the GeoPlan

How to theme the map by comparing two alternatives?




Empowering Water Experts

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Mel Meng

Empowering Water Experts

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