How to compare simulated with observed flow/level in XPSWMM

Prepare the observed flow data

A typical flow data file is a csv file with the following fields,

  • STATION: this is a text field, we can have more than one flow meter data saved in this column, and this column define the meter name
  • Date: use the mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Time: using the hh/mm format
  • Flow: that is the value to be compared to the results
  • generate time series, enter the first two time stamps, then just drag the cells to get fixed time interval time stamps series
  • make two copies of the time stamp columns, one for date, another for time
  • use the custom format to get date/time formatted
  • Save the file as csv file in Excel

Link to the csv file in XPSWMM


  1. select the csv file
  2. show the list of the stations
  3. select the one for the pipe
  4. check all dates, and user defined, select the format defined for the csv file



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