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When working with a model, from time to time we’ll need to load background images into the model.

Unlike GIS software, some modeling packages cannot handle large files. In this article we’ll show how to use ArcMap to reduce the size of an image file.

1. the bigger the cell size, the smaller the file size
2. changing the file type might change the compression ratio to reduce the size
3. use a higher compression ratio
4. you can zoom to a smaller area and only export the current extent

NOTE: XPSWMM only supports certain image type. You might need to test a few different options.

When designing and operating a collection system, we have two very important tasks.

Traditionally these tasks are carried out by engineers and modelers manually through…

I have blogged about batch import rainfall and hydrograph into XPSWMM using python script with the help of XPX files.

In this article, I will update the batch hydrographs script to import hydrographs from a series of CSV files. The python script can be found at github.

The problem

We have hundreds…

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